Why Ryokan?

Yumenotoki in Nikko

The direct translation of Ryokan (旅館) is "Traditional Japanese Inn."

But Ryokan are so much more than just a hotel.

With a history that dates back over 1000 years, Ryokan are the single best places to experience the best in traditional Japanese culture.

Originally places to host the aristocracy during their travels, they are the pinnacle of traditional Japanese luxury.

Experience the History

Every room is a bit of history, using traditional Japanese architecture and design that has been in use for over 1,200 years. Depending on the Ryokan, you can sleep in the same spaces as royalty hundreds of years before. Many Ryokan have been owned by the same family for generations. By staying in Ryokan, you become a part of this cultural history.

A sample room in Uminochou in Mie

Experience the food

Most Ryokan serve the highest quality "Kaiseki Ryori", the best of Japanese cuisine. This multi-course meals are specially made according to season, using local ingredients from the region. Get to know the local region while enjoying a feast fit for kings.

A sample of the food at Furuya in Atami

Experience the relaxation

And don't forget the hot springs! Many Ryokan are situated on Onsen (hot springs), many of which have medicinal properties. Many rooms come with private hot-spring baths, so you can enjoy the water and the scenery in the privacy of your own room.

A private hot spring in Yaeikan in Hakone

Experience the culture

But possibly the best part of Ryokan is to experience the true heart and soul of Japan. With unrivaled hospitality, the staff in traditional clothing are at your service. Though many do not speak English, their hospitality surpasses words as they guide you to your room, prepare your meals, and make sure everything exceeds expectations.

The staff at Shikanoyu in Mie

There is a problem, though.

Ryokan is a deep, cultural experience that the Japanese have enjoyed for over a thousand years. As a result, it can be quite difficult for non-Japanese people to find, let alone go to and enjoy, a REAL Ryokan. 

That's where BestRyokan comes in. 

Our staff will help you find the best Ryokan for you, and take away all the difficulties in transportation, language and culture, so that you can enjoy this cultural experience of a lifetime.

Just click on the "get started" button, fill out the form, and we will take care of the rest.