Who Are We?

Hi, my name is Ken Osaki. I started BestRyokan.com with my best friend Arthur to help international travelers enjoy their stay at Ryokan with no hassle.

Ryokan are the best way to enjoy traditional Japanese culture. Authentic food, the architecture, the refreshing onsen, the surrounding beautiful nature, and many more Japan experiences come in one package at Ryokan.

And while travel in Japan has dramatically improved over the last decade - for major cities. When you go a little bit out, international travelers often face unfamiliar customs, cultural gaps and language barriers. This is especially true when international travelers try to stay at a Ryokan.

However, there are a lot of difficulties to find, book and enjoy the Ryokan and surroundings because of unfamiliar customs, cultural gaps and language barriers.

Because we understand both cultures very well, we take away those barriers. I am from Japan and have lived and worked in California for a long time. Arthur is from Boston and has lived and worked in Japan with many connections with local people. We are just Ryokan fans who want to share the joy with others and help others feel Japan. 

Our final goal is to be the most-trusted concierge by international tourists who want to experience unique and traditional parts of Japan. Our customers will be fully supported before, during and after their trip.

Please feel free to talk to us if you are considering a trip to Japan and want to try to stay at Ryokan!


Ken and Arthur

Ken and Arthur in Boston on an Adventure